Asia & Atai – Restauracja Herbowa – Uniejów – Poland

Asia & Atai get married in Uniejów (Poland) and had a great party in the Castle (Yeah I felt like a character of Games of Thrones, especially with the knights fight!), you can see all below…enjoy!


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My books & recommendations

Which books should I buy ?
In this video I show you my new books I bought on sales this months. But don’t worry if you don’t have enought money, because I share cheap books too.

Without barriers – Why I like this picture

Last February I had my first wedding in Warsaw, with Andrea & Ricardo. I have to say I was very excited, anticipating the typical moments I’ll capture and ordering them in my head.
After finishing the ceremony, they began to greet their families, but not only personally, but also virtually !, thanks to the technology we have today as Facetime, Skype, Whatapp, etc. (This is the part where I identify as a foreign).  So I started to take many pictures of them and their family (I like be close to people) and during this time I could capture this beautiful moment, where Andrea shows to her family in Latin America her newly married ring. Truly a really special moment.
I hope you like it as much as I do.


Technical details:

Nikon D700

Lens: Nikkor 28 mm 2.8.

ISO: about 1600

No flash.

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10 Questions to Jorge Delgado Ureña (Raw Photo Tours)

1) How was your first contact with photography?

1) My father was an amateur photographer and always caught my attention the thing of capture a moment and that would last in time, so from very young he borrow me his Nikon F3.

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Bad pictures only

Hola ! In this video I talk about what to do when I take bad pictures after a day, couple of days or even weeks.
Is there any solution for this ?
How come back on the route of good pictures ?

10 Questions to Peter Kool (iN-PUBLiC)

One day like any other, I was looking for inspiration in iN-PUBLIC Instagram profile, and I found a great picture, then look the author, go to his website and take a look on his portfolio and believe me, I couldn’t stop watching his pictures. So I contact him to make this 10 questions and lucky me, he took the time to answer them.

10 Questions to Peter Kool (iN-PUBLiC)

1) How was your first contact with photography?
Photography awoke my interest by taking pictures of my children, the outcome of a film I shot intriged me every time.


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Everybody Street – Documentary

Hello there !

Do you love street photography ?

Do you want to know more about it specifically in New York ?

Do you want to add another great documentary to you library like me?

Yes? me too !

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Everywhere with the camera

Dear reader,

I just want give you some advice and leave the excuses aside.

Whenever you think, it’s not necessary to take the camera with you to some place, because there won’t be nothing interesting…take it. Many times happened to me I lost good moments for it and for that very reason I want to give you this advice.

Every great photographer from Street Photography has taken his/her camera everywhere, so why not you?

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