10 Questions to Peter Kool (iN-PUBLiC)

One day like any other, I was looking for inspiration in iN-PUBLIC Instagram profile, and I found a great picture, then look the author, go to his website and take a look on his portfolio and believe me, I couldn’t stop watching his pictures. So I contact him to make this 10 questions and lucky me, he took the time to answer them.

10 Questions to Peter Kool (iN-PUBLiC)

1) How was your first contact with photography?
Photography awoke my interest by taking pictures of my children, the outcome of a film I shot intriged me every time.


2) Have you studied or are you self-taught?

I attended The Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium from 1980 to 1985.

3) What is your style of photography?


4) What photographers do you admire?
CartierBresson, Winogrand, Erwitt, Weegee; to mention some.

Bad weather

5) What is the best advice about photography that you have been given?
Don’t get cramps in your trigger finger.


6) What components should a photo have to be good?
When you say a good photo has to be so and so, then one day you will see a great photo which hasn’t these components. So no rules for me; like people say a good photo has to ‘work’.

7) How was the process of leaving a stable job to full time photographer?
I never was a full time photographer; I worked in a steel factory almost forty years.


8) What was your worst photographic experience?
I was surrounded by some guys in New York who wanted money because I took pictures and not even theirs. Another guy came to see what was going on and they slunked of.
The guy called the police and I got a free ride in a police car through Manhattan, looking for the muggers.


9) What cameras do you use?
A Canon 5D lll and A Fuji X100 T.



10) A good advice for beginners who want to dedicate themselves to full time photography?
Train yourself to endure hunger.




Thank you Peter !

Website: http://www.peterkool.be


Everybody Street – Documentary

Hello there !

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Do you want to know more about it specifically in New York ?

Do you want to add another great documentary to you library like me?

Yes? me too !

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Everwhere with the camera

Dear reader,

I just want give you some advice and leave the excuses aside.

Whenever you think, it’s not necessary to take the camera with you to some place, because there won’t be nothing interesting…take it. Many times happened to me I lost good moments for it and for that very reason I want to give you this advice.

Every great photographer from Street Photography has taken his/her camera everywhere, so why not you?

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William Klein – Documentary

Hello there!

I really like this documentary about American-born French photographer William Klein.

During this movie we can see his artistic career as a painter, fashion photographer, filmmaker and street photographer. Even at his 80’s he continues making pictures and expositions. This truly shows his love for photography !

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10 questions to Vineet Vohra

Vineet is a LEICA AMBASSADOR, editor APF magazine, Photographer & educator and co-founder APF magazine: www.artphotofeature.com.


1) How was your first contact with photography?

I’ve always been involved with various art forms as a kid, all I remember was always taking pictures while on family vacations & helping my father develop those into prints in his make shift darkroom.

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