​¿Who I am?

Hello dear reader and thanks for visiting my page.

My name is Ezequiel Barredo, born in Balcarce, province of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and I am 34 years old… soon 35.


I studied photography at age of 19 with a particular teacher, which captivated me completely after seeing her experience, knowledge and above all her passion for photography. The following year, I began to study graphic design and after finished the career, I moved to Spain, where I lived 2 years as a camera salesman and working as a freelance photographer. As crisis arrived, I had to make the decision to move to another country and choose as destination Warsaw (Poland), where I live for 7 years and work as IT Security.

In the first year I tried working as a photographer, but I had no success, as there was too much competition (and very good by the way) and the language was a barrier, since I didn’t speak it. I was furious and angry with myself for not be able to continue with photography. So, after several failed attempts, I gave up and decided to abandon it.

Something that change with the following years.

First time in Warsaw

What changed?

The time taught me to have more patience and that in life things have its own course and can not be forced. This led me to taking things more calmly and be more receptive to thoughts other than my own.

So this blog, dear reader, I created it after thinking several months during 2016 and making me questions as:

is it not too late? do I have the necessary experience? who will want to read me having so many others better than I? would still have the ability and technique to make good pictures?

The answers to those questions, were given that year thanks a wedding , where I went as a guest. I bought an iphone 6s, so I decided to test it by making photos and honestly I was surprised. But not because the photos were good in quality, but because I still had it, I could still get unique and unrepeatable moments. That’s something that I had not forgotten, despite having left the photography for many years. I felt very happy and more when the couple asked me more photos.

First wedding – iphone 6s + Photos (Mac)
First wedding – iphone 6s + Photoshop

For the same, the next wedding (I had 3 that year) with much enthusiasm, I took my camera Nikon D80 SLR (which was wintering for years) and did even better photos and from that moment I decided to return to the photography. But this time, really come back and stay.

Nikon D80 + 50mm 1.8
Iphone 6s

But come back in a different way, because today I am different, I could say a better version of myself. And that is all about, isn’t it?, be a little better each month. I have learned to not destroy me with negative thoughts, but to create positive thoughts. Focus on what I want and not what I does not want.


Before for example, I saw great photographs by other photographers and felt envy, much envy and angry with myself. I thought that everyone had lots of money or luck. Now I look at them and I admire them, I see how I can do these great photos. I don’t compare me more with others, because everybody starts in different ways and how they can. I just focus on how to be a better photographer little by little.

For this reason, I decided to create my website: Ezequiel Barredo Photography, because as you see, dear reader, I have the intention of sharing opinions based on my personal experience.

I hope that you agree with my words and we grow as photographers.


All the best,

Ezequiel Barredo

December 29th, 2016