10 Questions to Jorge Delgado Ureña (Raw Photo Tours)

1) How was your first contact with photography?

1) My father was an amateur photographer and always caught my attention the thing of capture a moment and that would last in time, so from very young he borrow me his Nikon F3.

2) Have you studied or are you self-taught?

I studied graphic design and later photography, although after doing so I am in favor of being more self-taught than a school student.


3) What is your style of photography?

Documental/Street Photography.

4) What photographers do you admire?

Many! From great portrait photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon to Steve McCurry, Saul Leiter and Alex Webb.

5) What is the best advice about photography that you have been given?

Tino Soriano, National Geographic photographer once told me: if I can, you can.

6) What components should a photo have to be good?

A combination of light, composition and soul.

7) How was the process of leaving a stable job to full time photographer?

At the end you have to understand that life is short and fixed jobs from the whole life no longer exist, so to waste time on something that doesn’t make you happy is simply a waste. For me it was simple, I had to try, so I saved money for a time and I threw myself into it.

8) What was your worst photographic experience?

At the beginning I did commercial photography, and dealing with clients when you are starting always demoralizes, they don’t value your work etc. And it’s hard.

9) What cameras do you use?

I am a particular photographer because I’m color blind, so color management for me is more difficult. So for color profiles size, telemetry style, I use an XPro2 and a Fujifilm X100T.

10) A good advice for beginners who want to dedicate themselves to full time photography?

On one hand, the bokeh is overrated. Learn how to compose, and also: look at great masters, not only in photography, but also in painting and literature.

Thank you Jorge !

Enjoy Jorge work in the following links:








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