10 Questions to Peter Kool (iN-PUBLiC)

One day like any other, I was looking for inspiration in iN-PUBLIC Instagram profile, and I found a great picture, then look the author, go to his website and take a look on his portfolio and believe me, I couldn’t stop watching his pictures. So I contact him to make this 10 questions and lucky me, he took the time to answer them.

10 Questions to Peter Kool (iN-PUBLiC)

1) How was your first contact with photography?
Photography awoke my interest by taking pictures of my children, the outcome of a film I shot intriged me every time.


2) Have you studied or are you self-taught?

I attended The Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium from 1980 to 1985.

3) What is your style of photography?


4) What photographers do you admire?
CartierBresson, Winogrand, Erwitt, Weegee; to mention some.

Bad weather

5) What is the best advice about photography that you have been given?
Don’t get cramps in your trigger finger.


6) What components should a photo have to be good?
When you say a good photo has to be so and so, then one day you will see a great photo which hasn’t these components. So no rules for me; like people say a good photo has to ‘work’.

7) How was the process of leaving a stable job to full time photographer?
I never was a full time photographer; I worked in a steel factory almost forty years.


8) What was your worst photographic experience?
I was surrounded by some guys in New York who wanted money because I took pictures and not even theirs. Another guy came to see what was going on and they slunked of.
The guy called the police and I got a free ride in a police car through Manhattan, looking for the muggers.


9) What cameras do you use?
A Canon 5D lll and A Fuji X100 T.



10) A good advice for beginners who want to dedicate themselves to full time photography?
Train yourself to endure hunger.




Thank you Peter !

Website: http://www.peterkool.be


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