Everywhere with the camera

Dear reader,

I just want give you some advice and leave the excuses aside.

Whenever you think, it’s not necessary to take the camera with you to some place, because there won’t be nothing interesting…take it. Many times happened to me I lost good moments for it and for that very reason I want to give you this advice.

Every great photographer from Street Photography has taken his/her camera everywhere, so why not you?

If it’s possible, buy a small used camera, something compact, that don’t occupy much space and you can carry everywhere in a small bag. That way you won’t miss good opportunities.

As an example, the photo below, I did thanks to take my Fujifilm X100, a second time to the same place in Cologne (Germany). Honestly I could have left it in a locker, because  already knew the place, but luckily I took it and did’t miss that moment.


Another example is the photo below.

I went to visit a good friend and supposedly we’re going to catch up and mix music all day, since I was once a DJ.

But I remembered why I’d bought my camera Fuji X100 + the great masters of the street photography and decided to take it, like one more thing, besides my shirts. And thank goodness I made that desition, because his girls started to play and I was able to capture this sweet moment.


Dear friend, do as Henri Cartier Bresson (and other great masters to follow) and take the camera everywhere (if possible), to not miss any good moment.

Cheer up!


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