No fear

So let’s talk about fear when I take pictures to strangers without permission.

Clarification: I don’t ask permission for pictures, because I feel that a moment, gesture, light, etc, can disappear.

I remember the sensation of fear , before go out from my home and how it increase when I have the camera in my hand and walk between the people. I even don’t have the confident to point with the camera and shot a single picture. Trust me I’ve been there.

How I conquer fear?


1.  You are not doing nothing wrong. You are not a person with lack of respect to people.

2. Shoot with a smile.

3. Start taking pictures from far, for example: all body.


4. Slowly with practice and confident, start getting closer to people, until you can take, for example a portrait.

5. Don’t over think. If you leave your conscience talk too much to you, it will paralyze you.

6. After make the picture, say thank you and move on.


7. Oh no! I lost that amazing moment ! Advise: Move on to next picture.

8. He/she/they are really piss off after you take a picture.

This I think is the greatest fear for all beginner in street photography. This kind of person just doesn’t want someone to take a picture of them and publish on the web. It’s more a feeling of privacy and honesty for me it’s ok.

The steps below worked for me till now:

  • Smile while your are talking. Your nervious will decrease.
  • Present your self as amateur photographer and explain you’re making a project.
  •  Delete the picture “only” if they request it. Show them the screen and the process of deletion.I give you an example: This year in Easter I was in Colonia (Germany). Walking near the station, I make a picture very close to a priest, outside the church, but he was very piss off and scream on me: Why you make me a picture ?!! You cannot take a picture without permission to people !!!… yes he was really piss off, so I just follow this steps and finally delete the picture showing him the screen.DSCF9544_blackandwhite
  • Lastly, couple deep breaths, take a break to recharge batteries and move on to the next picture.

Final thoughts

It’s easier than you think. Control your mind…and start shooting.

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

Dale Carnegie

All the best,


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