10 questions to Vineet Vohra

Vineet is a LEICA AMBASSADOR, editor APF magazine, Photographer & educator and co-founder APF magazine: www.artphotofeature.com.


1) How was your first contact with photography?

I’ve always been involved with various art forms as a kid, all I remember was always taking pictures while on family vacations & helping my father develop those into prints in his make shift darkroom.

2) Have you studied or are you self-taught?

I’m masters in fine arts, but I’ve learnt a lot through painters I.e study of light, composition & layers, but that impermanence of moments got me intrigued into street photography.

3) What is your style of photography?

I’ve been shooting Street for the last eighteen years, I try to see something which is unique in otherwise mundane moment.

4) What photographers do you admire?

Coming from arts background, I get inspired looking at great artists, my favorite are Degas, Renoir, Seurat & Matisse.

5) What is the best advice about photography that you have been given?

Follow light & rest will follow.

6) What components should a photo have to be good?

I feel two main ingredients of a good photo is Composition & Content, they both are inseparable in a good image.

7) How was the process of leaving a stable job to full time photographer?

I was always inspired by the lines “do what you love & love what you do and it never feels like a job then” so photography is what I love.

8) What was your worst photographic experience?

Things have been good so far.

9) What cameras do you use?

I’m a Leica Ambassador & I only use Leica from last 5 years.

10) A good advice for beginners who want to dedicate themselves to full time photography ?

Be yourself & believe in yourself.

Thank you very much Vineet for taking the time to answer my questions.


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